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Sermons from May 2018

What is heaven like?

Most people have at some point asked the question, what is heaven really like? Do we sit around on clouds playing harps? Is it so peaceful that it is eerily quiet? Is it like a church service that drags on for eternity? If we are honest, when we think about these questions what we are really trying to determine is whether or not we think heaven is boring. This week we are going to look at Scripture to see how the Bible describes eternity with God.

Isn’t it unfair and unlikely that Christianity is the only way to God?

Is a person who never hears the name of Jesus going to be punished because they have not placed faith in Him? Is Jesus really the only path to eternal life? Isn’t it arrogant for Christians to believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong? This week we are going to look at Jesus’ claim in the Gospel of John that new life only comes through him.