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CAC relies on regular tithes and offerings from its members for the continued operations and services of the church.
Here are three ways you can donate/tithe/give to CAC.  Click on option to view details.

On-Site Giving

You can make your tithes and offerings in person using cash or checks.  Each Sunday during the service there is an offering time where you can place your gift in the offering basket.

Giving by Mail

You can personally or have your bank mail your contributions to: 
     Community Alliance Church
     4501 Franklin St
     Harrisburg PA 17111

Giving by EFT (Electric Funds Transfer)

You can set up an Electric Funds Transfer where the transfers can be done Weekly, Bi-Monthly or Monthly, or even come to this page anytime to make a one time gift.  If you don’t already have an ACH Debit Form on file with us complete this form and return it to church.  Then complete the online form below and submit. 

If this is your first time to donate to Community Alliance Church since January 1, 2015,
you will need to complete a revised ACH Debit Form and return it to the church. 

If you already have an ACH Debit form on file, please complete the information below and click on the submit button.  Account debits will be initiated on Thursday afternoons.

Please select a specific fund you would like to donate to. If Other is selected please use box below to specify.
If "Other" was selected please specify that here
If gift is to be recurring, please designate the frequency.
If you have any other question or comment, please let us know here.
Thank you for your generosity!